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92 Ls400 Water Pump/timing Belt


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I finished the job of replacing the water pump and timing belt last night and was excited that it started right up and we did not detect any leaks. I was really worried whether I had the everything lined up right with the timing, but I guess I did. Overall it took me about 14 hours or so. I did the majority myself, with some help from my daughters boyfriend, and it was really not that difficult (assuming you are mechanically inclined). I took my time as suggested and put the nuts/bolts in plastic bags and taped to each part. I only had one real problem: there are 3 bolts on the water pump that have nuts half way on the bolt. They screw into the water pump, and something else attaches to the end of the bolt. Anyway, I DID NOT PAY ATTENTION to which holes these 3 bolts went to, so I guessed when I put them back. I ended up breaking one of the bolts, leaving a good part of it in the water pump. So if you tackle this job, BE SURE to note where those 3 bolts with the nuts came from. I am just hoping that it is broke off in a position that it will hold the water pump in place.

Anyway a big thanks to all who gave me advice. JADECUIR, THUAN, FLANKER. The pictorials were great.

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