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Which La Area Dealers Will Deal On Price


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A previous poster mentioned Westminster Lexus "has a good reputation for offering big discounts" regarding a new RX330.

I'm looking to purchase a Pre-owned RX 300. Does anyone know of any dealers in the Los Angeles/San Diego/up to Santa Barbara area that have "a good reputation for offering big discounts" on pre-owned cars? I've visited all the dealers websites and, of course, all are in about the same ballpark regarding prices. However, I'm looking for someone who will do significantly better in pricing - maybe because they want to move more cars, have greater inventory, are more motivated to sell, etc. Has anyone had any luck or any specific salespeople they can recommend?

Also, what are the hot tips for getting the best price on a Pre-owned? Of course, I've heard wait until the end of the month, but what other useful information does anyone have?

Thanks so much!!

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a big discount just means he had the car marked up high to start with. find out what similiar people are paying and try and stay in that range. Every car is different. Your best deal will probably come on a car that has been sitting more then 30-60 days in their inventory.

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