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I own a 02 Rx300 had it about a year now. I really enjoy driving it but I feel its not as powerfull ( fast ) as some of the other compairable SUV's.

I've switched to Amsoil Synthetic Oil and that seem to give it a little boost but Im looking for somthing to give it alot of boost like turbo. Does or has anybody know of a turbo and a way to give the rx300 some MORE POWER ?

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Install a high flow air filter and cold air intake. Remove the intake resonator. Reduce back pressure by getting a high flow exhaust system. Take out your spare tire, trunk cover, and rear head rests to save weight. Remove roof rack, mud guards to make RX more aerodynamic. Hyper voltage and hyper ground system to increase torque/hp from electrical stability. Last find someone to customize SC or TC the 1MZFE engine in your RX if you have enough $ or time.

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