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1998 Gs400 License Plate?

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im getting my car back from the body shop tomorrow. had a bunch of little stuff taken care of, bottom of bumper all touched up from when previous owner ripped it up on some curbs, scratches and chips all over the hood, and the drivers side fender which was hit last feb a month after i got it..also had pin stripe removed (painted on after previous owner bought the car) and its supposedly looking great right now..i know its illegal in NY not to have your front plate on, but its never really been an issue in my other cars so im not worried about it because i usually dont get harrassed.. anyway when i get my car back tomorrow and i go to remove the front plate, am i gonna be greeted with a nice little bracket that screws in from behind and removes easily, so theres no holes drilled into my bumper and its just going to look clean when its off, or was it standard lexus policy to drill holes right into the front bumper for the plate to mount it? i should have asked them to patch the holes up if this was the case while it was getting worked on, but im just thinking about it now, i guess im going through gs withdrawl lol, its been like a week since i had the car...lemme know if ya can. thanks. im assuming the first owner didnt change how the plate was mounted from the factory, i bought the car with only 43k on it..so however it came from lexus is probably how it still is now...

PS: apologies in advance for the dumbass question.

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Sorry, but if the license plate was put on the standard way, there will be a black bracket there but that bracket is attached to the bumper with screws. You will find holes in your bumper.

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