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  1. i had the exact same light thrown and i couldnt even put the car in gear till it was fixed. it was a blown fuse. check for that too. good luck
  2. youve got this topic going on club l e x u s dotcom as well. buddy, i said it before and ill say it again. if you clear the bottom and do the chrome, like the junction produce tails. you will NOT be able to keep these on the shelves, hands down they well sell themselves. theyll have the style of the new infinity g35 led tails, and the class of that chrome bottom section of the jp gs's...YOU HAVE TO DO IT MAN. WITH YOUR OWN CHOICE ON HOW THESE LIGHTS GET MADE YOU WILL BE MAKING A BIG MISTAKE IF YOU DONT. right now these look like the KAZZ copies but with LED...just redo that bottom section like the JP's or extremely similar and you guys will be set. right now this looks like a set of tails id buy for my civic, so you gotta do this! if you want me to call the design team myself to explain why and how much this will help these lights sell, i can point them towards a huge following of lexus owners that wouldnt blink an eye before shelling out the cash for these if you matched the look the JP tails created. lol, good luck and you let me know whats up. i know on the other board you said you already sent the design specs over to get ok'd and yada yada yada, having said that, you must know what they are designed to look like..if its not like the JP's on the bottom section, you really need to take that plan back and resubmit after its fixed....ill email you a pic of the JP tails if youre not familiar with them so you can do the work.
  3. about to buy an lsportline rear roof spoiler for my gs400. what do you guys think about this, fit/look/quality, all good?
  4. the light is double sided stick taped on, you have to pry at it carefully and it will peel off. when youre done doing whatever it is you need to do, clean the area to remove any old adhesive and use 3M automotive double sided tape to reattach the light. if youre going to completely remove the light (clip the wire) be sure to leave enough length on the wire to re connect it when youre done, and dont forget to use electrical tape on that connection before you stuff it back in the spoiler assembly. have fun.
  5. not sure have you checked behind the glove box yet, in my 98 theres a slot behind the glovebox when you open it up. u have to remove that, then pull out the filter housing
  6. I've ordered from them before, the free shipping is nice also so are their prices. <_< ← yeah it wasnt that bad, close to the same as every where else, still waiting for the k&n drop in to show up, tomorrow i think. also just installed goodrich stainless lines and some new ceramic pads, my brakes were shot too.
  7. hey guys just thought id give an update if anyone was still looking for the filter or a decent place to get it. i ordered mine yesturday afternoon, payed NO additional shipping, and the cabin filter showed up this morning. impressive service. the part number is 453-1010 DENSO cabin air filter. oem part, i just threw it in fits perfectly. the old one was FILTHY. autopartswarehouse dot com.
  8. im new to this board, is that your site selling the lights? trust me i want JP's..if that is your site can you cut any slack on a set? pm me with any info, thank you.
  9. i just bought the denso/OEM cabin filter replacement as well as a k&n drop in for my gs400 and the total with UPS came to $50. not the worst deal in the world i guess.
  10. in case of?!?! haha..i know i used to be like that with all my stock parts for my old turbo'd '00 civic si... well regardless, ill offer again, say $250 shipped for your used lights as long as theyre in good condition with no cracks or scratches/missing clips...let me know, otherwise im just going to have to spend more and get them from ltunedwhich id rather not do..just picking up my car today from the bodyshop and shelling out $1400 for my fender, etc. that the other hoe who hit me's insurance company did not cover..i hate wasting money on things like this...oh well...they also re finished my hood and all the bumper scrapes and everything like chips and all that from the previous owner and removed the NASTY pin striping prev. owner had painted on...least she'll look good for a while now. sorry im rambling, just happy im finally getting out of this rental nissan and back into my bubble. long story short, sell em to me buddy, please!
  11. anybody worried about proper resealing/moisture issues after these tails are ripped open then squeezed back together? ive already got that problem with my driver side headlight since i put the HIDS in..even though ive checked all the seals a million times.... its a !Removed! and looks ugly as hell when it fogs up or you can see the water droplets building up at the bottom of the lens... anybody got tips on the proper way to re-seal after your finished working on them, other then sticking them back in the oven? its more than likely in a DIY thread elsewhere on this board but since this is what the topics changed to now its fine for here too. possibly types of sealer people used and had good results with? stuff like that... also best bet might be just getting a used set of 98-00 tails off ebay and doing the mod on that, least if it doesnt come out perfect your car is no worse off then it started.
  12. the 01 tails compared tot he JP tails the car is very dirty ..sorry guys going to clean her now any questions you guys might have about Junction Produce ask away im here to help B) ← hey man do you still have your stock '01+ tails? dotn know how recent that pic you posted was, theyre probably already gone..if not drop me one at myflysi00 on yahoo maybe we can work out a deal. thanks
  13. JP thanks, couldn't have asked for a better response so thanks for taking the time...i just have to decide what i wanna get now.
  14. whats the difference between the "junction produce" and the i believe '02+ tails for the gs400/300..i was going to get a set of the newer '02 tails to change up the back of my '98 a little...but whats the difference? thanks
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