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1mzfe Cooling System

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I have a '99 Toyota Sienna. I flushed the radiator 3 weeks ago.

I know that it takes a couple of days for air pockets to go away.

After 2 weeks, i still have to add some water, I am loosing coolant somewhere.

Nothing is on the ground, and 1/10 of an inch of coolant in the reservor bottle is going down. No white smoke.

Any ideas.


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If you didn't have to add water before the flush, then you possibly had a lot of air trapped inside the engine block after the coolant change. Actually, Toyota has a procedure to minimize these air pockets from forming by also turning up the heater controls to maximum and add a 50-50 mixture of water and antifreeze to the radiator until it's full. Then add coolant to the lower mark on the overflow bottle. Leave off the radiator cap and run the engine until the thermostat opens(upper radiator hose becomes hot). Turn off the engine and let it cool. Add more coolant mixture to bring the level back up to the lip on the radiator filler neck. Squeeze the upper hose to expel air, then add more coolant mixture if necessary. Replace the radiator cap. Make sure the level in the overflow bottle is above the low mark. Check for leaks.

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