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Squeaky Squeaks

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When I push my 95 SC4 straight up and down, the suspension squeaks. Just started the last week or so. I've never done any DIY work on suspension, so what's the deal? Is it as easy as a lube job on something? :geek: Seems like it's mainly the back of the car, when I push the car down from the rear quarters.

I have gained some weight recently . . . :whistles:

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Really? The other day after I had been driving it I tried to show my dad, and it wouldn't squeak. Then last night and this morning it was. No chance of being anything else?

So is this normal for a car with only 55k miles? And what is this going to set me back, assuming I go all stock again?

Thanks for any input.

I'm currently trying to sell it since I really need a four door. (Shopping a black or white GS430, preferably CPO & low miles.)

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