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New Ps Pump

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I replaced mine a few months ago. Loosen belt tensioner and slip belt off. Unbolt the PS pump. Replace pump and put belt back on. The tricky part is bleeding the pump. I filled with new ATF and turned the wheel from lock to lock about 10 times. You can search for a post here for a more detailed explanation if that doesn't work, I guess I was lucky.

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I am still having trouble with one hose. There is one large bolt, that is connected to a line that runs underneath to the bottom of the car. How do I get this disconnected. When I get it loose, there is a bar that hits on the PS pump. Help Please????

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Found this on another site:

ok guys i know there is a correct dealership way to do this but i'm from the south so here is how I did it.

first is to get the resevoir off the first bolt is on top of the pump but you have to stick the socket threw the pully to get it. and the other two are on the back of the pump. then unclamp the hose that ataches to the side of the resevoir. it is better to do this not at the first coupleing but at the second. that way if you were to lazy to drain the system you wont dump fluid all over the alternater. be ready with a shop towel because obviously there is a conection at the bottem of the resevoir to the pump.

the next step is to remove the two vacume lines they run from the bottem right side of the pump off the fitting up to the manifold and valvecover.

next is the serpentine belt. (REDNECK TIP #1) take a long and big flat head skrewdriver place perpendicular to the belt on the engine side. Then grab each end of the srewdriver so that the belt runs between your hand and over the skrewdriver. Then pull really hard so the skrewdriver is wedged between the belt and pully then flop it off. (I wish i could have seen a lex technicians face when i did this)

next you remove the banjo fitting at the bottem right that the vacume lines attached to this recuires an adjutable wrench for the black upper half and a standard socket with torque wrench for the bottem half. (no the bolt is not standard but it is close enough not to strip it.)

last of all there are two more bolts that you acsess threw the pully and it's off.

Then use a Pully puller to remove the pully (REDNECK TIP #2) A crowbar works to just be gental and ****ch sides each time you yank on it.

now simply put the new pump in place(with out the pully) remount all the bolts lines resevoir, ect.

Now put the pully on (REDNECK TIP #3) place the pully on the shaft then place a socket over it and hit with a hammer to gently slide the pully onto the splines .Maker sure the pully is on the right way.

Then replace the belt. By now the tensioner will have tried to take up all the slack so just give it hell and have a buddy use a skrewdriver to pop it in place.

Then fill it up with fluid which won't take much since you were to lazy to drain the system. Let it sit for a few min. and fill up again. Then drive to the local Jiffy- lube and get your power steering flushed and your done.

That is the redneck way to fix the pump and it only costs 180(pump)+40(puller rental) - 40 (puller return)+ 3(bottle of fluid) - 80(core charge) = $100

Steering like your grandad's Cadi Priceless.

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