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Removing Front Headlights Gs300. How?

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Hello, I have a 2005 GS300 I picked up two weeks ago that has the halogen headlights. I am going to do a Bi-Xenon M3 HID projector retrofit on this car. I have searched around the forums and have not had much luck on how to get the front headlights out. Im pretty sure on this car the front bumper needs to be removed. I hope its not necessary since its a lot more work, but I do think its required.

Can someone give me a step by step or at least a general guide on how to get the two front headlights out of the car. I have seen sellers selling GS300/430 headlight housings on ebay with several broken tabs. I'm sure its because they just forced/pulled out the housing without taking off the bumper.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Remove the bumper cover. Remove the headlight. *BLEEP* up your well designed 2005 lighting system. Reverse to reinstall.

Well, I already bought a extra set of 05' headlights green tinted housing which are sitting here getting prepped for a retrofit. I wasn't about to cut into the original housing. :D

Ok, so the bumper has to come off. Has anoyone done this before or have a detailed description of how its to be done? Or if one of you has the service manual could you kindly scan a few pages? :)

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