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Ls400 Transmission Cooler For A341e


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hi, as everbody knows, heat is the enemy, so am thinking of putting a transmission cooler like hayden or B&W, depends,the reason is being thse offer more cooling power, 33% less space, with highly effecient aluminum construction compare to stock this in place of the stock tranny cooler has any body done this>?

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After driving on the freeway for 15 miles or more, stop the car, put the transmission in nuetral and pull out the dipstick. Let the fluid drip on your bare hand. Surprise! The fluid isn't hot enough to scald your skin badly (unless maybe if the outdoor temp is over 85 degrees). Toyota automatics come from the factory already engineered to run cool so installing more cooling capability is a waste. Also some owners have ended up with failed transmissions by installing a cooler because the cooler restricted flow, cracks and leaked or the aftermarket cooling hose leaked.

The only model that may benefit from an auxillary cooler is the AWD RX300 because the fluid on this model appears to be more prone to becoming burnt due to inadequate cooling capability for some driving situations.

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