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Sc400 Inside Door Panel Replacement

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I just went thru this w/ my 94 sc400... Mine were in really bad shape and I found a guy on ebay who was parting his 93 out and I bought his... They were in a little better shape than mine but we ended up fixing them by first buying some epoxy (quick drying vs the ten min stuff), sheet metal shears and a small piece of sheet metal... We then cut the sheet metal to fit the places where the panel was either showing signs of weakness or had already snapped... Then we took the epoxy and smeared it over the bad places one at a time and then held the cut sheet metal to the places until they were bonded... So far its been going on about 4 weeks and no problem...

Something else you may want to take a look at is the two screws underneath the armrest area... The plastic door panel slot that they go into usually break off so that there is nothing for the screws to hold the armrest section to the door panel... To fix this area we bought a piece of flat aluminum about the width of a quarter and cut it a few inches long and drilled a hole in it and screwed it down and it seems to hold the area pretty well to the door...

The bottom of the door panel where the screws go in was also worn out so we cut some of the sheet metal into oblong looking washers and drilled holes in them and used them to hold the bottom of the door to the panel...

Your final option is to call lexus and they are 212 for each side... The epoxy sheet metal and shears ran about 15 bucks

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