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Srt Intake Or Exhaust First?

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I am debating whether to get the Apexi WS exhaust or Borla exhaust first ....or the SRT Intake first.....What do you guys think?

Also I have heard something about the check engine light coming on after the SRT install?.... Is this common and if so is there a fix for it?


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I am running the borlas with the SRT intake and love them both.I cant comment on the Apexi but the Borlas have a subtle rumble at an idle and sound strong when youre in it.As far as the check engine light coming on after the Srt install it wont if installed properly.Ive had mine for almost 4yrs and have never seen my check engine light.For which one to do first Id personally do the intake Youll get more perf. than the mufflers and once you hear your car with this intake youll have the fever or atleast I did.I said the intake was all I was doing when I bought the car and now I cant stop.Good Luck. :cheers:

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