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Might Get A 1992 Sc400

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:geek: Don't Know if i will but i might get a 1992 Lexus SC400! Is this a smart idea? I'm 16 and i want a powerfull V8 and a slick body! B) So far this car is every thing i've been looking for! Should i get this car yes or no? :D
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First off, going to a Lexus forum probably won't get you a very unbiased opinion lol...but yeah, I'd go for the car. Even though its an older model, it'll take care of you better than most cars that age, so thats a big plus for someone YOUR age. As far as power, yeah its got quite a bit but it won't beat the mustangs and alot of other higher end sports cars. I've found that you really get a sense of superiority over the other cars on the road with the SC though. It's one of the best sounding cars I've heard so it'll definitely impress your friends...It looks very sharp and won't go out of style...and it doese have the balls to smoke most of your friends wannabe ricers (assuming you have 'those' kids at your school). I'm 18 so I can relate. You won't regret getting it.

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Ya i know what you mean but i couldn't think of anywhere else to get an oppinion! But my 'friends' are exactly that way! Danny has a 1994-1995 mustang gt and that only has 215hp (he's history); and the other friends have Ford F150's (their history); and finally the only problem i might have is Tanner, who has a 1996 pontiac trans-am which is at about 285hp, but he is the bigest chicken ever and with just exhaust we would have a really good race! O ya i forgot i also have a friend that has an older style vette (he might be a problem). But both tanner and brockle (vette) have LT-1's which might be a problem. But they don't ever buy any performance stuff. They like to make there cars look good, but might get exhaust or something small like that, but i feel i will get all performance stuff because this car already looks good :) :D if ya know what i mean.

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