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93ls400 Check Engine Light


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There are two knock sensors, left bank and right bank.  They are attached to the cylinder heads in the area under the intake manifold.  Not particularly easy to get to.

do the go bad ?/ and is code 52 knock sensor

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code 52 is the left bank knock sensor, haven't heard of anyone posting problems with them and I have no personal experience with them. Just info from the shop manual. If the knock sensor were disconnected (not likely) or the wiring to the knock sensor were broken (open) or shorted to ground somewhere between the knock sensor and the engine ECM which is located behind the passenger dash, you would also have a code 52. Takes an oscilloscope and probing the wiring under the dash to check it out properly according to the manual. There is only two connectors that the knock sensor signal goes through before it gets to the engine ECM and they are labled EF1 and EF2 and these connectors are described as the engine No. 2 wire and engine wire located at the rear side of the air intake chamber. That's about all the info I have on this problem.

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