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Sc400 Fuse Keeps Blowing

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One day may seats/windows/trunk/and gas tank lid would not work. Checked manual and found fuse that was blowing (either 17 or 19 in the kick panel --30amp) and went to Autozone and bought fusible link fuse... blows that too. Disconnected the seats and windows and still blows. The fuses look similar, but not exact (square fuses). Took fuse out of slot 15, thinking that I have the wrong style fuses, which was also a 30amp and blew that too. Then put fusiible link fuse from Autozone back in 15 and got ABS light on, power steering too hard, and have to use shiftlock overide to get into gear. Took to Lexus dealer...ouch, they pushed on fuse 15 when running and ABS light went out/streering o.k./driver's window and sunroof worked. Restarted and same got problem again and pushed fuse and again fixed that problem. They determined that there is a short in the fuse block and want to replace for $850.00. They blame aftermarket remote start installed by Best Buy. Any advice on fuse type or repair? This is my first post.

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If the trouble started after Best Buy installed the remote start feature I think I'd be talking to Best Buy next. $850.00 sounds steep to me but Lexus is proud of their work. You could pick up a used fuse block cheap and replace it yourself.

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