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Well its been so long since I posted I lost my password and have changed my email several times since so I just registered again, :chairshot: well to the questions at hand. I have been considering selling on of my LS400's and unsure which one to part with, or what to ask for them, to upgrade to a 97 or 98 LS400.

My first LS is a 1992 black jade pearl, with around 180k on it, it has the nackamichi stereo, CD Traction control, and heated seats, everything works, (including the climate control display) it has the stock 15 wheels. Runs and drive great. I bought it with 100k showing. with no prior history. My wife has driven it since we got it, the leather is a little worn, paint is good, very mechanically sound.

My other is a 1994 LS400 again Black Jade pearl, has 103k on it, no traction control no heated seats, no nackamichi, I am the second owner bought it with 101K on it had all the service records since bought new at Lexus of Greenville, up to 100k all service done at dealership. it needs to have the door locks fixed, and the o2 sensors replaced, interior is spotless.

What would you do, which one would you sell and for how much would you ask?

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I am not an expert..

This is a tough call.

As I see it every 90k these cars need timing belt and front end work. At 180k you may start have issues with LED's, AC and power steering pump..

Maybe you have already changed some of these in the past.

As far as looks I like the 94 over the 92. A little bit different look with larger tires, brakes and items as noted on link below.


I read how these cars just go and go and go so I guess this is your decision. Personally I would sell the 92 and repair the 94 (check timing belt) and then expect at least 90k miles before another serious repair.

Cheers to LEXUS

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