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Shells At The Beach?

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Ok i am looking for an uber cheep sc300 or 400 it does not matter from my understanding they both have the same type of body.

The onyl difference it will make is in the engien bay is there more space in the 400 for the v8 in comparison to the 300 with the v6? if there is i need the one with the larger amount of room....

Ok here is the deal i do not want the engine OR the tranny or the drive shaft even i just need the body and the interior parts. That is all i asume that would eb a junkyard thing but is there an easier way to search for that rather than ebay. all of those cars are complete and i do not want a complete car- esspecial with all the custom work i plan to do to it. i do custom body and paint work and i do alot of old muscle car mechancic work elctronics i am getting better at but mostly i am known as Ken Madden's apprentice i live in andover Mn in his neiborhood and he has learned me quite well ...

anyhow is there a better way on the net then ebay or just looking around local junk yards?



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sorry i dont have any leads on cars for sale, your best bet would be autotrader.com

but i noticed all you want is the body, and if you come across an sc300 and are tossin' the motor i could use a few spare engine parts, (for a few bucks in your pocket)

ohh, im not sure, but i think both engine bays are the same size because the sc300 is an inline 6 not V so the compartment needs to be just as long

-good luck

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No as far as just the overall shell of the car.... Luck is all i can say. What i would do is try and find the highest mileage car you want in the body style you want and sell what you dont want for scraps. As far as the size of the engine bay, the only difference in space comes from the engine mounts, as they obviously are needed for different engines. Look for 92-93 sc w/ high miles and then spend 600-800$ on a 97 and up front bumper as that is the only mayor diff in the newer models. Happy hunting....


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