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Accessing The Back Of The Cigarette Lighter

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I have some LEDs that I want to hook up to my car. Before anyone says anything negative, it's ambient interior lighting, not on the exterior or tacky neons.

Anyway, I think it's easiest to power them off the back of the 12v line from the back of my cigarette lighter, right? If so, can someone walk me through the easiest way to access that? I have no problem prying out stuff, but I want to be aware of any screws I might come across before I start yanking things out.

Thanks in advanced. :)

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Nevermind. I figured it out. I ended up using the 12v line from the cigarette lighter inside the arm rest. But if anyone ever wanted to know how to get to the other cig lighter, just pop out the trim around the shifter, remove the 2 screws on the bottom and you can pop out the front trash/cig lighter assembly.

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