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How To Pursuit A Lemon Claim In New York State?


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I am the unlucky guy in this post.


The car is still in the dealership, so far the dealer cannot fix the windshield noise problem. I complained to the service department manager today and he said he will have Lexus to look into this problem.

It is a brand new GX470, I picked it up on Feb 28th. This car is out of service for more than 30days for the same problem.

This time 19 days so far

1st time 7 days

2nd time 6 days

7+6+19 = 32 days so far

Can someone please kindly give me advise what’s the best way for me to pursuit the lemon claim with the minimal financial impact?

Thanks for your insight

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Call your state attorney general's office and ask to speak with the consumer affairs department. They can send you the lemon law brochure that pertains to your state or perhaps even refer you to a website where you can get it on-line.

Your key will be to have solid documentation pertaining to your problem, the number of times your vehicle has been in the shop for the same fix (many states allow the dealer four times to come up with a permanent fix), and how many days have been involved each time the vehicle has been in the shop. Looks like you're well on your way to building a case. Good luck to you.

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