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Question On Steering


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My gx470 keeps pulling to the right.. The Service department at Lexus tells me it's the Highway ??? claiming there is a dip in the freeway that causes this to happen .. then told me he had it out for a test drive having an issue in the center lane but not any where else on the freeway .. So I'm a bit confused .. why should this be happening ?? only 4000 miles on my lexus ..

could this be the tires ? or just the road ?

thanks .. I had 2 RX 300's before my GX 470 and I had no problems at all.

BUt would never own another RX .. the GX is way better ..

Thanks Again

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it is prob. your steering wheel. its prob. not aligned correctly. re-calibrate it or

have some one at the shop do it. (idk how to lol)

thanks !!! I had the feeling it may of been that .. will have the dealer check it out ..

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