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Shaking In Steering Wheel Gone!

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Hey guys

I have a GS 300. I have been having that very common problem of shaking and vibration in my steering column that seems to be popular in our cars. I got it fixed this weekend!!! I changed my wheel bearing on my front drivers side and the vibration was still there but after I got all 4 tires rebalanced the car drives like the day I took it off the lot again :lol: I hope this helps!! Let me know if this works for anybody else

P.S. I got a shop called "The Tire Place" to do my balancing while I watched :whistles:

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Thanks for the tip, I'm sure it will help someone with a similiar problem!!! :cheers:

I'm having the same problem. I recently put some 18 inch chrome tires on my car. Never noticed the vibration until now. I've had the tires balanced 3 times at the same place. Could it be something other than balancing. Could it possibly be axle problems. I'm a female and just don't want to get taken advantage of. Help.

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