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Recirc / Outside Air Question?

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OK, I would really appreciate some help or advice because this is really *BLEEP*ing me off. I have a 1999 gs300 and love it (only 33,000 miles). My question is why does the recirc / outside air button always default to recirc mode when I turn on the car (even thougth it is in outside air mode when I turn the car off).



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If you leave it on RECIRC when you start the car, does it ever go back to normal?

My RX and my SC both start out in RECIRC mode to cool the car faster. Once the car is near the desired temp, it switches over to normal mode.

Try it out.


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Because if it didn’t, the gases from the Daily use of the AC would fog up the windows at night/film build up. In addition, you don’t want any humidity going inside. Humidity shortens the lifespan of everything.

My older car used to default at outside air, and I would get this thin film covering the winshield, and i would have to clean it every 2-3days, very annoying.

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