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2001 Rx300 With Air Suspension?


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I was wondering if the 2001 came with the air suspension system. My wife hears an air type hissing sound while driving, and someone attributed this sound to the air suspension. Is this true? if not does anyone else notice this sound?

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Check the climate control airflow dash outlet to the left of the stearing wheel. If find that if it partially, almost closed there is a definite sound of airflow.

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You should drive the vehicle so you can witness the hissing sound yourself. Then, have her drive around you while you're standing in a parking lot to see if you can hear it outside the vehicle as well. If it turns out to be exhaust-related, you'll want to find it and fix it immediately. Exhaust problems can impair and kill the vehicle's occupants, especially if your wife prefers to keep her windows up and rely upon the climate control system for ventilation as most women seem to do. Good luck and let us know what you discover.

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