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Squeak In Tool Hatch Cover


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I have a used 2004 RX330 with the most annoying squeak in the tool hatch cover. The only fix has been to keep a load on the rear deck. I will be asking Lexus to repair it. any other ideas?

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Actually I just took this whole thing apart this last weekend since I was installing my tow hitch wiring. The cover lid to where the jack is stored doesn't appear to have any secured latch. If you haven't figured out how to remove the cover itself (so you can re-attach it more securely or something), there are 5 or so pop snaps next to the part next to the rear seats. You can just pull up on that rear part to pop up the flap to get access to the bolts holding on the lid cover. Then you can figure out what you want to do with it. I was afraid to pull up on that part, thinking I was going to break something, but that part just snaps down with those plastic snaps and those snaps are made pretty well so I don't think you have to worry about breaking them.

Of course, sending it to the dealer works too :)

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