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How Do You Remove The Corner Lamps On Ls400?


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Hi All,

I have a 1991 LS400. The small light bulb burnt out on one of my side corner (clear) lamps adjacent to the front headlight. I tried removing the plastic lens one time and it was so difficult that I cracked the plastic. I finally got it off and replaced the bulb, however, now the other side needs to be replaced.

Has anyone ever had to replace the bulb? And if so, is there an easier way to remove the plastic lens? This lens is on the side of the headlight (clear-white in color).


Dave Teamer

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As I recall, you remove the screws attached and swing it out from the grill out like a door.

I did remove the screws, but, it would not move out that way. In fact, there was very little movement ability in any direction which makes me think that there was more to removing the screws.

Would I have to remove the headlight?


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