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Srk Drove My Ls400


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Hi Everyone!! :)

Earlier today [Friday, May 20th] I met SRK. [and he met ME!!] That alone was a unique experience because I've NEVER met ANYONE that I've talked to on the net. It was a great couple of hours. SRK is a VERY nice guy!! It's so nice to 'talk cars' with someone who 'KNOWS CARS'!!

SRK can tell you - first hand - what he thought of my car [hint!] but sufficive to say - he agrees with me. My car IS NOT nearly as quick as it ought to be. So that was good. It's not all in my head after all. [so there!!]

Pretty good, eh?!

Craig!! :)

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It's just like Craig has described all along. His car simply doesn't have the acceleration one would expect of an LS400. The car itself is outstanding, excellent body and paint, clean, an interior that nearly defies description. The engine runs as smooth as any I have driven (smoother than mine), is very quiet, the Bridgestone tires are impressive, the suspension is perfect - it's like driving a new car - until you punch the throttle. Feels like the engine has about 150 horsepower. Minor surging in first gear in the 3-5 k RPM range, which is the only symptom other than the low power.

I have a few ideas - I will need some tools - of things to look at. Craig and I will investigate further as I think the dealer may be out of the loop now....

And Craig? He is just what he seems on this board - a real car guy, and a gentleman as well. A pleasure meeting him.

He just needs about 100 more horsepower, and somehow he and I, with some help from the board, are going to find it!

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I had a problem like that with a VW, may be totally unrelated, but I tried to check diagnostic codes for hours, ran fuel cleaner, changed that spark plugs, etc. All it ended up being was a hole in one of the vaccuum lines.

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Hi kkeppler!! :)

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the idea. It could very well be something as simple as a small hole in a vacumm line. Sometimes solutions ARE that simple. [and VERY easy to miss]


Craig!! :)

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