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Dead Heater/ac Fan

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Hi all:

My heater fan in my LS400 ('93, 179K miles) has been behaving

erratically for a month or so. I returned from a business trip

yesterday and it's no longer erratic - it doesn't spin. Not good

news as the weather gets hot.

Has anyone tackled one before? (searched the messages, didn't

find anything, but could have searched wrong...)

Any info related would be greatly appreciated; wiring diagrams,

how to get to the fan, possible failed relays, etc.

Thanks in advance.

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You can remove the blower motor without removing the entire blower/evaporator unit which should save some time. :) Removing the whole unit is a pain. You'll have to remove the panels on the passenger side and unplug some wiring harnesses to gain access but there are screws on the bottom of the unit that will allow you to drop the motor out of the unit.

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Cool - thanks for the hints.

It may be a loose connection -

I was driving last night, hit a small bump and

it was suddenly working fine. Still working this

morning, too. (Thinking back, it may have started

working after hitting little bumps on the other occaisions...)

Knowing how to get to it will make troubleshooting

a LOT easier! B) Will keep you all posted.

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