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Where Can I Get Reman Or Cheap Pneaumatic Shocks


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Hello guys..

Last night i heard a big pop noise.. when i got to the driveway.. i notice my left front shock all the way down... naturally i turn on the car and then it gets to the correct height...

The shock blew, i guess, just like the front right 5 months ago or more...

I replaced the shock last time, but money was more handy... now i don't want to pay 800bucks for it...

Any suggestions? are these fixable? or just remove and replace and be screwed? i will NOT remove my air suspension.

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Someone here referenced a pseudo-rebuild posting about air-suspension not long ago. The how-to covered things like checking hoses for leaks and replacing seals. It's possible that the pop you heard was a hose giving way and not actually the shock itself. I would definitely take the time to do a search, as it might save you some money.

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If someone has a procedure to rebuild one I'd love to see it. I had heard that Lexus had a kit available at one time but when my dealer "checked" it was no longer available. Anybody got access to TSB's or equivilant and could do a search would be great.

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