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Leaking Gas Tank


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It seems that the previous owner of my car jammed something into the trunk which dented the gas tank and pretty much put a kink in it. It finally started leaking about a month after i got it and iv tried some JB Weld and a couple of store bought patches w/ mixable epoxy in them. The JB Weld popped off after like 2 days and the patches held for a while but then they would just start leaking again. I know this has something to do with the pressure that builds up in the tank but i just dont know if there is anyway to save the gas tank. From what im guessing it'll probably cost me an arm and a leg to get this fixed/replaced from the dealer. So if someone could help me i would really appreciate it!!!

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I took am blessed with a leaky tank, where is the evaporator located.  I am away form my repair manual and not sure where it is.

In the engine compartment driver side (also called the charcoal cannister). You can keep your gas cap loose so it can vent the excess pressure (not a prob on a 91 - but later years may turn on check eng light with loose cap) ;) . Hope that helps.

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unless it had real low miles, i'd spring for a new one (if you want to replace). I've been running with my clogged one for a couple of months (don't report me to the EPA) by removing the pressure relief valve that's in the gas cap (independant repair shop said it was my option).

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I was looking on Rockauto for the part, I couldn't find evaporator in the list of parts for the emmissions or the fuel system.  Is there another name or another good sorce for this part?



Vapor canister. Newlexusparts.com lists it at $255. May be cheaper elsewhere.

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