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I put 18's on my sc400 and the handling is much better. The ride is a little more stiff but i'm gonna put new shocks on soon so that should improve. It looks 100 times better and i'm very happy overall.


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I have a sc430 and I want to put rims on it.  19 or 20.  Can you guys help me out and tell me some of the cons of putting rims on.  thanks


1) Possible increased handling due to shorter sidewall. Shorter sidewall = less flex...giving a more firmer and solid feel.


1) You may be concerned w/ scratching your wheels (especially when attempting to park...AKA curb rash).

2) Larger rims may possibly mean more weight. More weight means more unsprung weight at each corner...thereby the car may feel a bit more sluggish. It can also mean less weight as well. Depends on the style and particular construction of the rim.

3) If wheels are too wide, you may rub the wheel wells. Wide wheels also affect your maximum steering angle.

4) If the sidewalls are too low, this also means you have to avoid potholes, large rocks, etc...to avoid damaging your wheels. I've seen damaged wheels...and it is just not pretty. Some damage can be repaired...but I'm the type of person where it is never the same.

5) When going up to sizes 19 on up, it will be a little more difficult finding places that can mount the tires properly. Some machines are not made to accomodate larger than normal sizes. Coincidentally...some alignment machines cannot accomodate larger wheels.

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