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Installing New Airbag Sensors

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Hi, new to Lexus, we bought a rebuilt out of Florida. It is an X-show car.

Bromex body kit. Lowered crazy to 3" clearance.

ADR wheels

MoMo steering wheel.

Lambo doors. Lambo orange w/ custom graphics

Custom Recaro interior.

Carbon fiber etc... Thing is the kid we bought it from never cared for it in the year he used it up.

We moved it to Georgia and now we have to prove the rebuild title through inspection.

List of needs to be Fixed B-4 inspection:

passenger wiper arm- have it

3rd brake light

fin brake light


airbag replacement- have it

airbag sensor replacement-need it

Seats are now bolted down-only one bolt per seat-no seatbelts (what was this kid thinking?)

Items not need to pass inspection, but needs to be fixed:

Driverside window rolls down and out of track

steering column only telescopes

heater does not come on

Stereo was riped out due to not paying sponsor- cut wires + damage?

As one can see, we need to get on this list; which brings me to my question for Y'all

I looked under the wheel well where the airbag crash sensors are located, and nothing but a plug in dangling. The sensors seem to go where i think they go. There is a wire harness to plug it in and two screw holes for the sensors, just no sensors. Is there a list of compatable other Lexus model sensors or toyota supra parts?

Next question is: Does the custom Bromex body kit affect where the sensors go now?:cries:

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Get the Lexus shop manuals (there are 3, find them on Ebay all the time) and go from there. Start reading all the posts here. What color is your car? Post some pictures if you are able. Sounds like a great project.

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