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Head Bumpers

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the danger is . . .

The SIZE of these monsters. I can find no other reason that the Lexus anti-whiplash head bumpers are so large than the idea that someone wants to get a monitor in them for back seat viewers. There must have been outside influence of electronic manufacturers wanting to get their products into cars.

THEY RESTRICT YOUR VIEW of the rear of the car. Consumer Reports complained a year ago or more about the right rear view from the driver's seat of the Lexus ES. Since then, the left rear view was also obstructed by the size of these "bumpers."

Two days ago, I had to recline the driver's seat in order to remove this thing and I now feel more comfortable backing up.

I know, I know, it is meant to protect ME. But, I now get a good view in this direction. Otherwise I might cause an accident, and that does NOT protect me.

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I feel sure there are parking lot accidents.

I discovered yesterday that I have more visibility when looking to the right as well. Somehow it hadn't registered on me that I was unable to see directly behind me when attempting to look directly back in the car.

I got a better view BOTH left and right with that monster gone.

"Where there is no vision, the people perish . . ." [somewhere in Proverbs]

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