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Transfer Case Oil


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While under my 2000 Rx300 AWD I noticed a Plug labled Transfer Oil. What is the reccommendation for changing this (is it similar to the lifetime transmission fluid thing) and what is the procedure for removing and replacing the fluid. thanks for any help.

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Be careful...

I just learned that the "transfer" case, its really the case for the front and center diff'ls, runs in ATF. That drain plug just behind the transaxle sump pan is to drain the ATF out of the diff'l case.

The PTO, Power Take Off (mine is painted black and has heat dissapation fins), is bolted up to the passenger's side of the diff'l case and it does use gear oil. The PTO is basically a pass through for the right front driveline, and contains the VC, Viscous Clutch, and the ring and pinion for the rear driveline.

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