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New Rims For 2004 Gs300 - Question?

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Hello all, I was hoping to ask a few questions, I am a novice in this so bear with me. I currently have a Silver 2004 GS300, and I was wondering are 20 inch rims too large for my car? I know I want a staggard look, in particular these are a few that I've narrowed it down to. What do you guys think of how these would look on my car? I know its hard to invision how a car would look without actually seeing the car in front of you. Should I just go for 19 inches? Help me out, any advice would be appriciated.



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20s will be fine. I have 20s. There is a little bit of rubbing in front ifyou turn the wheel full lock or whe reversing. The normal tire spec for 20s makes the wheel diameter about 1" bigger than OEM. This sizing is what accounts for the rubbing.

Wheels are very personal. Honestly, neither of the wheels appeal to me but if you like them, that is all that matters. The first wheel, being 20x7.5, is narrow. Even the OEM 17s ads 17x8.

I have 20x8.5 fronts and 20x10 in the rear. Width and offset will determine how well the rims fit. What is your budget?

Since you are in NY, I'd suggest contacting D2-Autosport. Derrick is very helpful and can make suggestions based on your needs and budget. He also has a sweet GS400. :)

Tell him Neo sent you over from LOC.

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I also have 20's on my car. They look fine and turn heads. The only thing you lose with 20's is the ride comfort. The quality of the ride is just not the same.

I have 20 X 8.5 all around. With 255/35/20 tires. If that helps. They only rub a little bit when you turn the wheels all the way. But after a few times the wheel wells should rub out and stop rubbing.

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Since we're on the topic, I mounted 20's with 245/35's. The steering feels a little loose. At 40mph i get vibration, then it calms, at 65-70 i get vibration, then it calms, but when i slow back to 60 it comes again. Is better balancing in order? The ride has really declined, but if I could get rid of some of the vibration it would be better. Thanks!!

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