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Fluctuating Volume

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So something is wrong with my stereo. It has now happened two times in the past few days that my stereo just magically starts bouncing the volume around. If I turn off the stereo for a second and turn it back on, it seems to stop fluctuating. Maybe electrical?

I have also noticed the beginning signs of the infamous LCD bleeding.

What do I do? Is this a sign that the stereo is about to go out? How much will it cost to replace? Can I get the replacement from a salvage vehicle possibly?

Thanks for the help!

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well, it could be 1 of 100's of things with the stereo head unit, but if the LCD is bleeding, then yes it is about to go. A resistor is probably getting fried and it is causing the voltage irregularies which is affecting your sound. Your best bet is to just look for a used one if $$ is an issue, or just get an aftermarket. Probably a bit better solution, but will not look factory.

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If I replace the stereo, what is the probability that the problem will not be fixed? If the stereo is replaced, am I pretty much covered?

Also, are there any aftermarket units that anyone knows of that don't look blatently aftermarket? I mean, I really don't want a big clunky aftermarket sticking out of the center stack. Is there one that still looks like it belongs in the vehicle?


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