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Rear Axle Replacement

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I have a 92 ls400 with 130k on it.

Everytime i break the rear axle feels like it is going to fall of. It shakes the car viscously, but only when breaking softly.

If i break hard, it is noticeable, but not viscious.

I have been told that the ball bearings in the rear axle are bad, therefore the entire rear axle needs to be replaced.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem?

Midas wants to charge a little over 1k to fix.

Lexus wants to charge close to 2k.

Suggestions? Comments? Advice?

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Does the rear make a clunking noise when braking?? Has anyone inspected the rear knuckle bushings?? Lexus doesn't offer replacement bushings, however there are aftermarket bushings that some Lexus dealers in this area are installing at a fraction of the cost. Raise the car & inspect the rubber bushings that are pressed into the rear knuckle. If they are cracked and worn out, that's your problem. I had the aftermarket bushings installed on my 90 LS when I owned it.

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Are those quotes to change the entire rear Axle assembly (Differential & Shafts) or just the shafts?

I was just quoted $350 for the labor to change both shafts in a 91 LS400 at a reliable shop here in the Florida Panhandle. I had the shafts shipped from an Internet based Co. for $86 ea.

That said, the parts place shipped two right axles so the garage could only install one (the left axle shaft is shorter).

Now, I'm in a transcontinental FedEx axle shuffle and trying to learn if it's a big deal to change the other shaft myself.

Any information on how to go about changing that driver side shaft will be appreciated!

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So if the rear axle was bad, it would be noticeable under acceleration as well. Probably under steady state speed on the highway too. So who diagnosed this fault? If the problem occurs only during braking, well it might be the brakes.

As well an axle that is that bad can be felt by hand to have excessive play in the u-joints.

Better and more diagnosis is my advice.

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That advice to check-out the axle before taking action is spot-on, but. . .

I'm sorry to clog the thread with my issue - but since it's a similar problem I thought the Forum would prefer that I tag-on rather than start a new thread.

I'm certain I have a bad left side axle - but need to know what's involved in changing it. The new one's on the way and the nearest shop that'll change it is over 60 miles away. I'm an O.K. Mechanic, have changed axles in Subarus and everything from cam seals to water pumps in an ES300.

Can anyone out there offer-up what's involved in changing an LS400 axle? Do the carrier and strut have to be removed, or just the caliper and disc rotor?

If I'm breaking protocol and should start a new thread - I'll gladly start-over.


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