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Noise In Rear


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heya guys and gals,

I have a 92 es300 with about 194,000 miles ...When Ever I go around a bend or turn at 35-45 mph , my rear passenger wheel makes this noise. It is almost like a thumping noise. Everything is new in the rear from struts to mounts ...I have no ratteling or any banging noise like most ..I had the Car checked 3 times already and I was told there is no physical evedence of anything wrong with the rear , everything is solid ..I kno its not the tires becouse i just put new ones on and it was making that sound with the old ones....Also I have to be making a Trun to the right on those bends to get the noise , It does not make any noise when ever I go around left turns...Any Ideas?

thanks ;o)

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Sounds like a rear wheel hub bearing might be bad. These will make noise only when cornering at moderate speeds in one direction but not in another. I had one on a front wheel drive Toyota get noisy on me once soon after I hit a seriously huge pothole.

You might try taking the hub caps off both rear wheels after driving on a twisty road. If the hub on the side of the car thats making the noise feels warmer than the other side that would help confirm the suspicion of a bad hub bearing.

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