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Smoking Odor

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I have an odor when I first turn on my AC which smells like smoke. Will this disappear when I change the cabin filter? This is behind the glove right? I read a post like this but after looking through 30+ pages I gave up on finding that thread. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Since this is only your 10th post I will assume that you just got this car recently. If the owner before you smoked in the car then the smoke smell is probably in the cabin air filter, headliner, carpet and anything else that is fabric in your car. Changing the cabin air filter is a start but I don’t know how to get rid of it for good.

And yes the cabin air filter is behind the glovebox.

Here are some home remedies: home remedies ;)

OR may be this is the answer!!!!!! :D

Good luck and let us know what works! :D :cheers:

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If the smell is only coming from the AC system, it's worth a try changing the filter. More than likey the smoke has found it's way into the evaporator :P and is trapped in it. A flush can be done of the AC vents using a powerful deoderizer by the dealer and some aftermarket shops if the filter doesn't work. <_<

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How much is a filter? This is different than the intake filter no? I have never seen one because I never had a smokey car.

can these be picked up at ebay cost vs. dealer cost? This smell is coming from the AC only. I will try to deodorize the cabin again, however I already have 2 very strong air fresheners.

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Here is a picture of the location of your cabin air filter. Also check in your owners manual. It is in your glove box area. You have to remove the plastic read wall of the glove box that opens out with the glove box door. Then grab both wings that are located to left of the circles in the picture to remove that plate. Push down and pull out on the filter housing and it will come out. Do a search in the forum for info on a replacement filter, it is all there and some more.


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