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Instrument Panel Blacks Out - When Warm!

Paul Sherman

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Hi all:

A couple of thanks up front.

My heating problem this winter was solved - Two problems

at the same time; a pinhole leak in the reservoir and a defective

coolant sensor. I was low on coolant and didn't know it until I

spotted the empty reservoir.

Also during winter; the infamous no instrument lights until warm,

which changing the capacitors solved.

Couldn't have found those without your help!

Now I have the opposite problem - the instrument cluster

blacks out when the cabin is warm. If I start at a cooler temp, it

stays lit as long as the cart is running. Once I turn it off, then

back on - no display (gas gauge shows empty, etc.). Some

days, when the sun heats the cabin over ~80 degF, the display

never comes on.

Any suggestions?

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