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Ac Problem?

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I just bought a '92 SC300. I love it, but I have a problem. The "heater" fuse (#2 slot, 10A) kept blowing, with or without AC on. Tried 15A, they blew also. Then 30A which won't blow. I noticed a pully noise, so checked under the hood and the AC compressor clutch turns slowly, intermittently at idle. Turn on the AC and it blows cold, but goes on and off (climate control) and the light blinks. If the compressor was shot, I wouldn't get cold air. Any ideas?

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Sounds like either something isn't grounded/wired in properly.

Was the car ever in an accident? Reason I ask is because if the car was in an accident and body panels (and other parts) were reinstalled...they may have accidentally pinched a wire or two thereby not properly grounding the wires. (This happend to me on one of my cars).

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Thanks. Actually, a mechanic friend put in the 30A to see if there was any life in the climate control and/or compressor. I'm not running it at all right now (it's 60-70 degrees here) until I find the problem. I'm checking some things today.

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