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Buying 91 Ls400, 120k Miles, $4500


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Just committed to buying a 91 LS400 with 120k miles on it. $4500 Silver with grey interior. Pretty basic in that the stereo is only an AM/FM Cassette. Front seats are a little worn with the center console showing a little wear also. Probably have those parts worked on. Climate control LCD is done. Few minor cosmetic things that can be rubbed out on the outside, but mechanically...this one owner LS has been extremely maintained. I want to think the independent service shop they were taking it to were overly preventative. Nevertheless, every stinkin' thing has been replaced. Timing belt and water pump at 80k. AC compressor, power steering pump, ball joints, catalytic converter, new fan clutch, new fan bracket, new serpentine belt, newer brakes and tires, etc. You name it, it's been done. Old couple owned it. Got a new LS430. I don't know why after seeing all the receipts for the maintenance of this LS. I was seeing over 3k service receipts! Most were between 1-2k. Incredible seeing a folder full of service records. Wow.

Drives nice. Looks nice. I'll post pics after I get it all cleaned up.

Any advice on where I can get the front leather worked on? The rear seats look to have never been sat in. :whistles:

This will be my second LS. Had a 98 LS400 that I sold last year. Didn't like the throttle by wire system that year. Tranny was very jumpy sometimes. Ended up selling it cuz the girlfriend and I never drove it. Just sat in the driveway. Now that I got a promotion, I need something with 4 doors that's nice, but not overly nice. I think this 91 will fit the bill nicely. :D

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Sounds a lot like the 91 I got from my dad when he stopped driving. I paid him $6,000.00 about 18 months ago (about full value). I was just checking the price on mine yesterday by checking prices on E-Bay and the rcycler and auto buys. A 91 with about 120, miles is o.k. condition is still worth $6,000.00 or more.

On the seats. There is a guy that posted a week or so ago on a company selling new leather skins on Ebay. Something like $600.00 for both front seats. Look for his posting. I asked him to post if he gets them.

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Thanks for the reply.  So new leather skins, huh?  Would I have to take them somewhere to have it re-stitched? 

Also...anything that can be done about the springy front seat?

I find myself thinking a lot about doing the skins. It is a lot cheeper to have a guy put skins on, then having him make the skins. Like the complet job with the skins for around $1,000.00... But in the springy seat.. Not sure what you mean. Most folks complane the seats are hard hard as a rock. But if you reskin, not that much more to put new or deferant foam on the seats.

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Right on...thanks.

I think I'm going to try Magic Mender first.

Ordered one of their leather repair kits. I'll post before and after pics.

The seats seem to be fine when I'm sitting in them, but when I initially get into the car, it feels like the springs bottom out when first sitting down.

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