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Did I Do The Right Thing ?


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I finished changing all rotors and I bought a wagner from O Riley. I used Toyota brake-pads for front and rear. Did I do the right thing?

Thank you

Wagner is an ok brand, i have them on the front and they are quiet as the dead...only thing is, i didnt shop around and i had a local garage do them for me cause i was in a hurry. it cost me $339.52 for 2 rotors and pads+install.. change them yourself, if you dont have time make time LOL.

BTW, the rotors were $100 a piece. for that price, i called brembo and will son be getting the hookup!

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Shop order for me front + rear total was $192.00

Here local toyota dealer was selling front or rear pad for $35.00

Total i paid $75.00.

Hope this will help.

the rotors ordered for me came out to $197. at that price they better be good, so far i have no complaints, but when i get aftermarket wheels, these wont do, gotta go cross drilled with KVR performance pads...

oh, FYI, they will be noisy for the first 100 miles or so, and for the first 500 miles, these rotors should be exposed to as few sudden stops as possible, they glaze easily when new.

did you isntall them yourself, or did the shop do it for you? if you did it, did you spray them with brake parts cleaner and scrub them with steel wool or a brillo pad before install?

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