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Help Help... Vsc/brake/abs Light On

Fuji Racing

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yesterday morning....added brake fluid to master cylinder....before adding...pump brakes 40 or more time with ignition key off like direction on master cylinder the master cylinder seems full to the max...add a little bit more fluid... crank up gs 300 and put it into drive to move it....abs/brake/vsc/vsc off lights came on and some type of sensor noise came on in the car.... right now no power brakes at all and lights and noise still on......sound like the power brake booster is trying to pressure rise the system all the time... comes on every 5 seconds......can anyone help me or give me anykind of advice.....

took it to the dealship had brakes flush...still same problem... was it a freak incident that i had power break failure after i added brake fluid...dam i shouled added brake fluid at all.....

can any one help......thanks for your time


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sounds like the master cylinder has left the building.

sounds like it to me too...but i still have brakes and one of my trusted local shops said it might be the brake booster gone still wants to pump the brake every 5 seconds....

turn key off...pump 40 or more times....seen small bubbles in the resevoir...maybe... do you think it may have air in the system...therfore it will not get good pressure for power brakes....

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well if a professional told you differently, i would go with that, hes a pro.

i'm no pro by any means, just an enthusiast and avid DIYer but i can only offer you my oppinions

yes, you could have air in your system, try bleeding the breaks, if you are seeing bubbles come out after you pumping the breaks, yes there is air in the system.

that would def. cause a soft break pedal.

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