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Engine Sound When Accelerating


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2001 ES300 22k miles

( again)

I noticed on the 2004 ES330 loaner, the engine was also much more quiet when accelerating.

The 2001 engine kind of makes a sound...I can't decribe it...but kinda like a whinning or surging engine sound..., I know all engines make noise.

This happens when I try to accelerate quickly. Doesn't happen if I am very easy on the pedal and accelerate slowly.

Is this normal you think?

Mind you, it just sounds like the engine doing it's thing...nothing irregular, just a different pitch, if you will, a higher pitch, than say my Acura MDX.

RPM is something like 2k ~ 2.5k before it kicks into second gear I think. I'm not too techinical...once it kicks into second gear, I think it has a much "easier" time so it doesn't really make that engine sound going into the other gears. It's just when the car is stopped, and say the light turns green, I hit on the pedal (not slam it, but a good push), the car moves forward, the engine makes this lound engine sound.

I would have thought it would have been more refined than that. It did that since I got the car 4 or 5 months ago CPO.

I noticed a similar sound in a loaner RX330...

I did not notice that in the 2004 ES330.

So I was wondering.

Any thoughts?



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take the same advice as SW gave you for your brake worry.

find another 2001 ES and drive it.  See if you can recreate the noise.


possibly not an engine sound per se. there are bearings on the shafts where they go into the transaxle case i believe, and i think they go bad. i know my car is doing something similar, but its 15 years old. bearings really wear according to milage though, so how many miles do you have?

i agree with the above comment, find another one and drive it.

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