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Installation Of Tps Sensor

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I was hoping to install my own TPS sensor, assuming it was not going to be any more difficult than on my other Fuel Injected rides.

I have the sensor now, but I've been informed that the Lexus uses a "throttle blade angle" test tool or something like that instead of setting the TPS via a digital multimeter and specific voltages.

Can anyone (guytelefunken?) shed any light on this, or as to whether I will be able to even do this myself? My dealer wants $115.


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Why don't you take that $115 and buy a service manual, since you like to do things yourself, it will prove invaluable and save you lots of money in the long run. <_<

Are you suurrre that I don't have one? B)

I would *absolutely* do that, but at the moment, I was concerned about the extra cost of a special tool that I may never use again. :)

There are no voltages listed in the service manual.

Incidentally, I do know someone with an OBDII scan-tool. I will check into whether it displays throttle position as a percentage. If it doesn't, I'll hit the dealer.

(or see how much a scan tool costs!)

Thanks a bunch guys, even you Turbo GS300. <_<

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Scan tool that plugs into a PC will cost under $100 so works out cheaper and will save you money in the future. If you don't have a PC (ideally a notebook so you can carry it to the vehicle) then stand alone units are available but will cost you much more.

This is the one I use and gives you the throttle % required to adjust the TPS:

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