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Pass Seat Seatbelt Retraction Oddity


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This is new to our '02 RX. When the passenger's seat seatbelt is fastened, when you turn the ignition off, there is a hint of some kind of retraction device engaging/disengaging. The driver's side doesn't do this, and it happens only if you pull a bit of the belt out before you turn the ignition off, i.e., if you repeatedly turn the ignition on/off, the belt doesn't move a little bit every time, just the first time, unless you pull on it a bit while the ignition is 'on'.

Is there something other than the explosive gas method of tightening seatbelts pre-impact on these machines? If so, kudos to Toyota for doing it, but I'm guessing I should have it looked at before warranty expires, though I'm pretty sure this car has 7 years on it, so there's no hurry.



'02 RX300 AWD, has everything but the trailer hitch, wife's ride, 32K miles

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