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Body Color Roof Racks For 2000 Lx


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If i were you just paint 'em, thats what i did to my LX450 i took em off & bring it to the body shop.Have em paint exact match with the color body of your LX.

Plus if you think going to buy new roof rack (already painted) like the'04 model it'll cost alot, but you can go and ask to the dealer find out .

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Actually when i bought the truck brand new (top line) came with the roof rack and all the necessary options.Well In my case i applied silicone to all the screws and holes before i put 'em back.I bought silicone from home depot ( The one that they using for fish tank ) this silicone very hard & strong water wont get thru it.

I know that some of the LC/LX didnt came with the roof rack, But i guess just the

option to choose.

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the racks were all port installed. meaning that they didn't leave the factory with them, but were added once they arrived. Most seem to be hack jobs at best. I wish mine and the wife's didn't have the roof racks, but alas, they do. I'm taking mine off and will be working on repairing whatever kind of rust I find under there -- I don't look forward to it.

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