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Condensation In Undriven Sc


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My SC4's brakes are damaged beyond being driven,and i decided to just save up over the winter for the supra TT upgrade. I had noticed condensation on the windows and was wondering if i could do anything to keep it as dry inside as possible, i already took the carpets out, should i just wipe all the condensation off when i see it or get a cover for it, or is there something i can put inside to keep mold and mildew from growing. thanks in advance

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If you keep your car stored for months at a time and don't have a climate controlled garage you can try the following:

1) Buy one or two containers of damp check which absorbs moisture and is usually used in closets. Check out www.dampcheck.com

2) To avoid odors etc. you can fill a kitty litter box with baking soda and leave it in the car on the floor or seat.

3) Get a breathable car cover that is water repellant.

4) If you store it for extended periods you might also consider a schumacher battery tender with automatic shut off. Good luck.........

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