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Want So Cal Pro Installer For Sirius For Es330


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Can anyone recommend a top shelf South Bay or Orange County audio professional installer in Southern California who has experience with the 2004 ES330?:cries:

I do NOT want an FM modulator installed. :censored:

If you do, please email me at wsiebert@charter.net.

And yes, I am a long time fan of Howard Stern. :rolleyes:

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Still trying to get this done?

You might want to try getting the reccomendation of an installer from your Lexus dealer. The install on the ES is pretty straightforward.

You might be out of luck though about the FM modulator, I can't think of any other way to connect it currently...

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I have the Xact Sirius receiver. I think it's great...even with the FM Mod. Truly, the FM isn't that bad (as long as you're not in a too populated area such as Houston) I'm in Austin and it's fine from SA to WACO...but for some reason...when I take Business trips to Houston I have to re-adjust the settings every 20 miles...there are like 100 different stations there in that town.

It's worth the purchase. I had XM...but couldn't stand the programming. I'll put up with the FM MOD for better programming.

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