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Another Noise


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My 2001 LS430 goes into the dealership (again) for repair of a brake pump vacuum tomorrow. It has been very troubling dealing with this dealership, as there has been very little attempt at customer service (I didn't buy the car at their dealership). This is not a shock, just dissatisfying.

Anyway, every unusual sound I have heard in this car (3 months owned) has been some sort of trouble. Recently, I have been hearing soething that I hope someone can help me with, as my wife is starting to think I'm insane lol! :blink:

The sound only occurs when the engine is first started and I place it into drive and accelerate. It occurs for only a half-second just as I start to accelerate and it sounds like a very mild grinding sound from the front of the car. It does not occur if I place the car into park and then back into drive and I accelerate. But If the car is placed into drive and I turn it off and then re-start the car the sound occurs again when I accelerate. Essentially it occurs at the start of the first acceleration any time the car is started (cold or warm).

Is this something normal or is this the sign of more impending doom?

Please help, Thanks


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this is not normal........

YOur LS has a 5 yr 70k warranty on the tranny. I would make sure a mechanic / service manager sits in your car and you "duplicate" the problem right then and there before the vacuum pump service.

Now, that being said.........it could be the antilock brake system too.

How many miles on the LS and when/what was the last "complete" service....ie "30K service"???

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